100% THAT WITCH is a series I run on my Instagram that spotlights people with big witch energy, who you might not have heard of before.


WHAT IS A WITCH? A witch is someone who is very powerfully themselves, an original, a badass, a bit of a rebel. They’re doing their own thing and if you don’t like it, that’s your problem. Witches are more likely to have been arrested than to have served in government.  Witches come from the past and present, and from all over the world, but basically I'm picking people I think are cool.

WANT TO SUGGEST A WITCH? I love to hear who you think is  100% That Witch, so please get in touch! In particular, I’m always on the look out for witches from non-Western countries and cultures. But I can't promise I'll feature your witch.


Singer, songwriter, and founder of classic punk band X-Ray Spex

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Super-influential psychic occult guru aka arch-master con artist

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A NOTE ON WITCHES  I’m not using "witch" to imply that anyone has magic powers. These witches achieved what they did the old fashioned way! I try not to feature people who would be offended by the term (basically anyone who’s very religious). I’m also not talking about Wicca or any particular spiritual or folk tradition. 


Because this series includes people from the past, I sometimes include people who held opinions that are unacceptable today. I will always acknowledge this. Also, while I try my best to determine if someone’s been problematic, I still might miss things in my research. I am always open to feedback.

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