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© 2019 by Sasha Laurens


Author of YA Contemporary Fantasy

When Dan and Liss stumbled on a way to transform themselves into witches, they never imagined they’d need magic to stay best friends forever.


But when a spell goes wrong and a demon snatches away Johnny, Liss’s boyfriend, in the middle of the night, the girls’ friendship vanishes, too.


Now, months since his disappearance—and since Dan and Liss last spoke—Liss barges back into Dan’s life with shocking news: she’s found a way to talk to Johnny, and she’s going to bring him home. But the path to rescuing Johnny is rockier than they’d expected, and neither of them might be strong enough to confront what they’re searching for.


Too bad they don’t know that Alexa, Dan’s new friend, is harboring magical secrets of her own.


Set in the atmospheric wilds of California’s northern coast, Sasha Laurens’s eerie debut novel is about the complications of friendship, taking back power, and how to embrace the darkness that lurks within us all.





SASHA LAURENS grew up in Northern California, where she learned to drive on Highway 1’s switchback turns and got accustomed to the best weather in the world. After studying creative writing and literature at Columbia University, she lived in New York for years and, at various times, in Russia. She currently resides in Michigan, where she is pursuing a PhD in political science.

A Wicked Magic is her first novel (Razorbill, July 2020). She is represented by Jennifer Udden at New Leaf Literary.

Photo: Devi Mays